Truly the name of Louis Van Loon will go down in history as one of the greatest breeders and champions, Belgium has ever known. In 1995 Tony Rossi went direct to Louis Van Loon and purchased 117 direct Van Loon Imports. This importation represented the cream of his loft. The most important fact is we arrived at the right moment and quite honestly were ahead of our time. We are confident that we left Belgium with undoubtable the greatest collection of Van Loon blood possible. We can only prove this with our results. To say the least our race results and Van Loons sent to friends across the United States have been nothing short of fantastic. Of the 117 original Van Loon imports brought into this country most were just average pigeons. Culling the average birds and not selling them has been one of our Golden Rules. The cream that came to the top was phenomenal, yes the number of super Van Loon breeders are few and select, but they are truly the best.

Tammyís Girl "Tammyís Girl" "202" - 1st Chicago vs. 1855 birds, 1st Chicago vs. 1921 birds, 8th Chicago vs. 1523 birds, 38th Chicago vs. 1317 birds.

Marie "249" -1st Ace Pigeon for Tony Rossi Canadian magazine, 1st Chicago vs. 1572 birds, 4th NVC vs. 1320 birds, 10th Chicago vs. 1683 birds. Marie

Many authorities claim that the "Pure Van Loons" were gone twenty years ago! They claim that Van Loon crossed his birds, hence they are not the same quality. We asked Louie Van Loon if this was true? Mr. Van Loon said "Ridiculous, these are the same birds I won with for the last forty years!" Personally, I could care less! What is important to me is if they win; and believe me, I have winning Van Loons. The truth of the matter is that these authorities donít even race their pigeons! Those that do usually have a whole bunch of excuses on race day. We have no excuses, just fantastic results! Would you care to see some results? In l998 Tony Rossi sent out approx. 150 30 day old young pigeons to ten separate lofts in different combines. These kits were Van Loon or Janssen Van Loon via Frank Aarts of Holland. These are a few results!


  1. Dave Baker, Chicago, IL First Average Speed Club, 2nd Average Speed Chicago Combine, First Champ. Loft, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 vs. 1711 pigeons.
  2. Mike Dagostino, New York Metro Combine. First Club Average Speed, First Combine Average Speed, Two First Combines vs. 1700 pigeons.
  3. Pieper & Rossi, North Valley Combine, First Club Average Speed, First NVC Fed. Average Speed. Four First Federations.
  4. Bob Barnes Jr., Detroit three First Combine Winners, Bird Of The Year.
  5. Bob Barnes Sr., Detroit First Combine Average. Speed, Powder Puff Winner for my daughter Marie. $2500 first. Thank you Bob!
  6. Mike Radkovic, Indiana First Hoosier classic won $1000 for Rossi, many Firsts with Van Loons!
  7. Dan Sounagorio, L.I., N.Y. First Club, First Combine Average Speed Super Van Loon Flying.
  8. Pieper Brothers, Milw., Wl Many Firsts, Series Three Champion Birds 1,2,3; First and Second Ace Bird Combine.

Birds scored in every loft that we sent to. Most lofts best birds in their loft. We cannot print all names due to space. You should see 1997 results, OUTSTANDING.

- - Thoroughbred Magazine




It is a fact that the loft of Frank Aarts is one of the best racing lofts in Europe today. His National and Provincial wins have his competition calling Frank "The Terror Of Tilburg" and "The Dutch Destroyer". I will not bore you with his results, because I could fill volumes, but I will say this: In almost 40 years that I have been involved with pigeons, I can truthfully say, the Aarts birds are sensational. I will not list Frank Aarts results, but I will show you my results flying his pigeons. In 1994 and 1995 I visited Mr. Aarts and imported 155 pigeons direct from his loft. As with the Van Loons, I will be truthful and say that the vast majority were just average. These birds were culled, not sold. That is our rule. After four years we have just the super pairs left, winning breeding pairs only. We imported birds from three other world famous lofts from 1992-1995. Importing and testing over 300 imports was like a prospector sifting for gold. So as you can see, we have not taken any short cuts, our search for the best has been hard, tedious and expensive but, WE HAVE STRUCK GOLD!

Blue Beauty Blue Beauty - Sire "152" Daveís Best, 1st AU Hall of Fame 1996 - For Dave Baker, Sire: 3000 1st FDL. Auction race Winner 1997, Super breeder.

Daveís Best "152" - 1st AU Hall of fame for 1996 Y.B.ís for Dave Baker, 2nd Chicago vs. 777 birds, 5th Chicago vs. 1572 birds, 17th Chicago vs. 979 birds, etc. Daveís Best

I am very fortunate to have very good friends. Fred and Gerry Pieper of Milwaukee, Dave Baker of Chicago, Bob Barnes Jr. and Sr. of Detroit, Mike Dagostino of CT., Dan Bounagorio of New York, Mike Radkovic of Indiana. These men have trusted my judgement and opinions from start to finish. They honestly tested my pigeons against their own and the rest is now history. These men have not only sent me their results but also the winning pigeons! How about Dave Bakers "152" First A.U. Hall of Fame winner, or "202" two first Combine wins, Dave placed them back in my stock! Bob Barnes won Bird Of The Year plus two first Combines; he placed the bird back in my stock loft! Mike Dagostino of CT, flying from a location that no loft in forty years could win from, won two first Combines and Aver- age Speed against the tough Metropolitan Combine of New York. Mike lives 50 - 60 miles longer then his competition! Mike sent me his two Combine winners plus his best three, all Janssen-Van Loons! Pieper Bros., gave me for stock, four N.V.C. Federation winners this year, Mike Radkovic gave me his two-tier winner and Hoosier Futurity winner. To say the least, my stock loft is not weak!!

After breeding ten first Chicago Federation winners against up to 1950 pigeons in 1996 and 1997 for Pieper Bros., Dave Baker and Tony Rossi. The Kenosha Club decided to join the North Valley Combine of lllinois. Dave Baker chose to stay with the Chicago Combine, Tony Rossi decided to take his family to Europe for the Summer, leaving poor Fred Pieper to "Hold The Ship" against many super All-American Lofts. The North Valley Federation Race remained the focussed race between the many-clubs. The "B" race was for extra trainers and more important, the junior flyers, (Approx. 20%). Honestly, we placed no importance on the "B" race, and did not participate. All results listed are the actual N.V.C. Federation race results. Keep in mind that the Pieper-Rossi Loft longest flying loft in the federation during one of the hottest years we can remember. Well Pieper -Rossi started with 50 young Van Loon Janssen pigeons. Our first race, 157 miles vs. 862 pigeons. Pieper-Rossi won First Federation out ahead by 27ypm. This pure Van Loon is a full sister to bakers "202" Two First Combines in 1997! Our next win was the fourth race of the season flying 226 miles in extreme heat (90 plus degrees) Pieper-Rossi took the top five spots vs. 629 birds. All five birds came alone. Our first bird beat the next generation loft in 6th place by 175ypm. or almost half an hour! The seventh race we again topped the federation. This race was 315 miles vs. 571 pigeons, and again very hot and humid. Would you believe 26 minutes of 97 ypm ahead of the next bird. This cock hit the loft in a daze, it was that HOT! The last race of the season was the most memorable. This was the weekend of October 4, 1998. Smashes were reported all over the U.S. 656 pigeons were released along with the "B" race birds for a total liberation of 1088 pigeons. The reason for the joint liberation was heavy overcast and 30mph. headwinds. You guessed it Pieper-Rossi first and fourth federation overall A and B combined. 6 federation daybirds and 7 "B" race daybirds. We were ahead by four minutes but our bird had to fly 25 miles more into a 30 mph headwind. The Pieper-Rossi Loft won first Average Speed in the tough North Valley Combine by a 87ypm margin. To say the least, we were pleased! All Four Federation Winners Are Now At Stock At The Rossi Loft.

- - Thoroughbred Magazine


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