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Rossi Loft Racing Pigeons
Introducing New Stock Yearly!
A style employed by every championship athletic team in pro sports today is bringing on new talent. The Rossi Loft is certainly no different. Because of our many super breeding pairs and the high number of combine winners we produce, we bring back champion birds within the family. Yes, within the family that we tell you are the best! Think about it, why would we want any other? This year alone we brought back over ten first combine winners from five different lofts plus two double combine winners! Another ten that were in the diplomas every week! The best of some of the top lofts in the nation! All bred by Tony Rossi. We firmly believe we have the best, and we honestly can say, you will get only the best. Not just words, but results.

Prices start at only $300 each and up. Please inquire if you are genuinely interested.

Rossi Stock



Young Birds

AU-96-NVC-249 1. AU-96-NVC-249 BB HEN "Marie"
Won first ace pigeon national competition awarded by the Canadian magazine in two categories! First ace at distance 800-1200 km. vs. 151-300 pigeons and first ace pigeon 1001-2500 pigeons! She also placed third against 1501-2500 pigeons by the Thoroughbred magazine! A few results are: first vs. 1683 pigeons, 4th vs. 1320 pigeons, 10th vs. 1572 pigeons etc. She hit on tough days when birds were few and she was out ahead! Just this last year she bred two winners in large competition!
AU-96-JRF-152 2. AU-96-JRF-152 SLATE HEN "DAVE’S BEST"
Won first "AU HALL OF FAME" vs. 61-100 loft category! And first national ace pigeon long distance category vs. 1001-2500 pigeons by the Canadian magazine! Flown by one of the best lofts in the U.S., "Dave Baker of Chicago", and bred by Tony Rossi. 152 was flown every week and hit on every tough race entered! Few examples are second. J. Ruzek futurity, beat only by loft mate [first cousin] vs. 85 lofts and 777 pigeons. They were far ahead of the competition on this 300! 5th Chicago vs. 99 lofts and 1572 pigeons - very tough 200 mile race! 17th Chicago on another 300 mile race vs. 75 lofts and 979 pigeons. Her sister "3000" slate hen won the FDL auction race for Rossi by thirty minutes!
AU-96-JRF-169 3. AU-96-JRF-169 BB HEN "RUZEK WINNER"
FIRST American ace pigeon in 701-1500 bird category as per thoroughbred magazine! Flown by one of the best lofts in the U.S.A. Dave Baker of Chicago, IL. Bred by Tony Rossi. 169 was flown with her cousin 152 and lit up the skies in Chicago! She won first J. Raze futurity out ahead vs. 85 lofts and 777 pigeons and with 152, way out ahead! She was 4th Chicago on another tough 200 vs. 99 lofts and 1572 pigeons and on top of almost every race entered! She is an outstanding breeder!
97-RAC-202 4. 97-RAC-202 BB HEN "TAMMY'S GIRL"
Selected third "AU Hall of Fame" only award entered! Flown by super loft "DAVE BAKER" of Chicago, IL and bred by Tony Rossi. This Van Loon speedster won at every distance. Some of her best are first Chicago vs. 109 lofts and 1855 pigeons, first Chicago vs. 109 lofts and 1921 pigeons, 8th Chicago vs. 90 lofts and 1523 pigeons, etc. She was flown every week and as you can see, out way ahead! At stock first year bred a winner!
THIS IS THE SIRE OF FIRST AU Hall of Fame winner plus many other huge winners! Another slate won first FDL auction race, thirty minutes ahead! Another will be entered for this year’s "AU hall of fame" Blue Beauty is one of my foundation breeders!
93-belge-6682XXX 6. 93-belge-6682XXX BB cock "Poppel's Treat"
Bred by Louis Van Loon of Poppel, Belg. "Poppel's Treat" has bred some extremely outstanding young especially at the 300 mile y.b. races. One loft sent me a picture of a youngster direct out of 661 that hit on top on five special races in one season! "Poppel's Treat" is bred from Vanloons super cock "83-belg-6354XXX" This is very good winning Vanloon blood!!!
94-belg-6434XXX 7. 94-belg-6434XXX blch cock "LOUIS BEST"
Bred by Louis Van Loon of Poppel, Belg. Louis best IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME FIND! Just in last two years I will list just a few birds he bred with different hens! 2nd Chicago {beat by loft mate} vs. 109 lofts and 1855 pigeons, 3rd Chicago vs. 109 lofts, 1855 pigeons beat by loft mates, 2nd Chicago vs. 99 lofts and 1366 pigeons, first combine Detroit 300 miles, first combine Detroit 150 miles, 3rd Chicago vs. 90 lofts 1366 pigeons. Second club ace pigeon, beat by loft mates, etc. etc.
94-BELG-6434XXX 8. 94-BELG-6434XXX BLK CH COCK "Shadow"
Bred by Louis Van Loon of Poppel, Belgium! Directly off Vanloons ace sprinter 91-belg-668XXX. Shadow has been a very important breeder especially marking his young at the big 300 mile specials! Some of his young have hit big at the tough ones! For example my super 96-ken-75 was 3rd nvc vs. 91 lofts and 1320 pigeons, he came back on a tough 400 and took 9th Chicago vs. 42 lofts and 692 pigeons with only 13 daybirds! Shadow also bred a two time winner for another loft plus many other top birds! 96-ken turned into a terrific breeder! A young hen from him hit on five 300 mile races and the last was a daybird with only six daybirds reported!!!
BRED BY LOUIS VAN LOON OF POPPEL, BELGIUM. Foundation breeder and sire to one of the best all time pigeons Pieper brothers have ever flown! Piepers widow cock named "THE HAWK" was flown a yearling widow cock. He was first to the loft every time shipped but excelled in very difficult and hot races! Two of his stellar performances were flying an extremely tough race with the wind totally against him, he won first NVC federation five minutes ahead against 461 pigeons! This performance was unbelievable considering the weather and the wind totally to his disadvantage! His next super performance was the Midwest classic. The hawk won 3rd overall 500 miles vs. 1700 pigeons in 90 degree heat. The wind was south most of the way but changed to north the last three hours which put the hawk to a big disadvantage! None the less he hit the loft and was first bird in Milwaukee by twenty minutes! Fred gave him the hawk because he sits on his perch and notices everything, just like a hawk! He flew 12 hours in the heat and hit the loft like he never even flew! What a champion!
BRED BY FRANK AARTS, TILBURG, HOLLAND. HALF BROTHER TO AARTS FIRST NATIONAL WINNER! SUPER VANGOMPEL IS A GRAND SON OF "DE RODE VAN GOMPEL" HE IS TWO GENERATIONS OF NATIONAL WINNERS! His breeding ability is fantastic! just last year I sent four birds direct from Super van Gompel to two separate lofts! All four birds hit top positions and two first combine winners! The best was piepers first NVC FEDERATION WIN on a 95 degree day! A little hen from Super van Gompel came up all alone six minutes ahead of the next federation bird. Just happens that the next four federation positions were all Aarts and Vanloons from the Rossi loft flown by the Pieper brothers’ loft! The next federation loft was miles behind. All five birds came alone, no drops, and red hot! They didn't quit.

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11. 95-belg-631XXXX BLCH HEN "Louis Lady"
Bred by Louis Van Loon of Poppel Belgium! This hen is a diamond in the rough! She is without question one of the best Vanloon breeding hens in the United States today!! She has been bred with different cocks each year and winner after winner! And I didn't pick her mates, she picked her own! Just a few of her youngsters’ performances are first NVC federation vs. 629 pigeons at 228 miles, first chicago federation vs 109 lofts and 1856 birds, bird of the year in Detroit, and many, many other top birds for different lofts! When you get quality like this, it is easy to see why Van Loon was so very, very good for many years!